At Weber Grill Eateries we developed an upscale version of the traditional hamburger, our “Farm” KettleBurger. It is so-called because it’s stacked with cherry wood-smoked goat-cheese that was fresh, bacon, and a ground lamb and meat patty, all joined into one amazing hamburger. We have scaled-down our house recipe so you can recreate this in your back-yard, that individuals featured in our restaurant earlier this year. Be certain to buy great quality, clean ground-beef for the best outcomes and keep the ingredients all well chilled until you are prepared to cook it. When you have mastered this recipe, use this as a spring board to generate “backyard hamburgers” of your own! Or, should you need to enjoy this burger without the fuss of making it-yourself, come into we and any Weber Grill Restaurant will make it on among our farm Pots. Either way, hamburgers may always taste better when cooked on an authentic Weber Grill!

Makes: 4 hamburgers

Prep Time:

Cook Time: 10-15 minutes

Unique Gear:

Burger media (or 4 1/2″ circle cookie-cutter – about 1 inch tall)

Mixing bowl


1 tsp Weber Gourmet Burger seasoning mix (or any kind you prefer)

8 strips of smoked bacon (cooked until crisp and drained on-paper towels)

4 ounces of fresh goat cheese (formed into 4 identical circles about 1/4″ thick)

8 parts of oil wedges that are preserved (emptied of acrylic)

4 large leaves of lettuce (cleaned and dried)


1. Use the burgers to be shaped by a hamburger press. Afterward, put a “dimple” in the middle of the patty with your thumb.

2. Repeat till all the patties have been formed. Location in the refrigerator to chill down and place for a minimum of 20 minutes.

3. Toast the buns, add the lettuce, top together with then the bun and the finished burger piles.

4. Blend and steak together until well combined in the mixing pan. Divide the steak combination into 4 identical weight portions.

5. Place the grill up for direct, medium heat cooking (about 350- 400F).

6.After the grill is ready, time the burgers with location and the flavor . Shut the top and cook for 4 minutes.

7. Once the hamburgers are cooked, (but nonetheless on the grill) top each one with two pieces of a goat cheese patty bacon and finally two tomato items. Shut the cover and cook for another minute to warm everything up. (the final temperature of the burgers should be about 165F).

Keep the coals warm!