On a recent excursion to England, my wife purchased a plate of avocados that were baked. They were covered in onions and topped with cheese. As an avocado fan, I was instantly intrigued. It always struck me as a small gimmicky, although I’ve constantly toyed with the thought of grilling avocados for guacamole. This, however, is some thing totally adaptable for the grill. Even better, It does a plate, only a fork is required by n’t. It’s the meal that is best if it’s not long.


1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tbsp Unsalted Butter

2 Avocados, ripe, somewhat soft to the touch

4 ¼ inch pieces of mature cheddar cheese (or extra-sharp cheddar)


Thinly cut the onions and peppers.

In a small frying pan over low heat, include the butter and olive oil. Once the butter has melted, include pepper and the onion. Cook for about 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally.

The secret to slicing an avocado would be to slice around its stone that is compact. Put the avocado on a cutting board with the narrow finish facing upward. With a sharp knife, slit down the center of the avocado till you strike on the stone.

Rotate the alligator pear towards you and continue to minimize down.

Rotate the alligator pear you should come back to where it started.

Take your hands on both sides and wind with the alligator pear sliced. The stone still lodged in one should be separated with by the sides.

Put the avocado piece with the stone skin side down. With a knife, hit at the stone. It may require over once to put on.

Turn the stone to take it off once the knife is embedded in the pit. Lose.

Blend the cumin, salt, and pepper together. Scatter over the avocado flesh.

Grill the alligator pears over direct medium heat with the lid shut for about 20-25 minutes, till the alligator pear is not hard when pressed.

Add the cheese to each aguacate, shut the lid, and grill till the cheese has melted down, or for another FIVE minutes. Remove and serve. Having a clean grill is key of course. Contact Texas Grill Master for any grill needs. www.texasgrillmaster.com