I can understand that how much irritating it is to clean the BBQ grill after having tons of goodness! At the moment, we all may feel, destiny is too much cruel on us. These all assumptions or negativities are valid and acceptable if you have to do tiresome works after taking lovely & delicious meals. What will be your reaction if I’ll give you some easy-peasy ways to get your work done in few minutes only?

I am also the one who suffers from the same problem and as I am lazy by nature, it was terrific for me to do cleaning properly just after eating mouthwatering dishes. And, I also have to do some additional works such as, bbq grill repair & gas grill repair which makes my whole day hectic. That’s why, I consult some experts and here, I am sharing a few tips & tricks which can be helpful to you for cleaning a gas BBQ. Don’t miss it!

Avoid using harsh chemicals:

It’s damn harmful to pour an entire tub of oven cleaner inside the BBQ. It can cause numerous problems. This chemical can also harm stainless steel and other painted components. However, there are some toxic elements available and during summer days, rubber gloves should be strictly avoided.

Use your stainless steel BBQ carefully:

No doubt, a stainless steel finish on a BBQ is a premium finish or you can say high-quality finish; but, it requires special care. Otherwise, harsh chemicals can affect the finish. Thus, for safety purpose, I recommend you to use a mild soap or warm water during the cleaning procedure. Then, rinse it with clean water and dry the surfaces.

In case, if you have stubborn stains then try a non-scratch scrubber which will surely make them stain-free. But remember, don’t scrub in a circular pattern because it can affect your item reversely. An ideal way is, to test the scrubber before using it.

Beware of using aluminium foil:

Most of the owners use aluminium foil to trap heat and incinerate food residue but meanwhile, it’s a dangerous way. Some manufacturers recommend this practice and at last, it could void your warranty period. For all these reasons, you should not cook with the grill covered with foil.

Remove the burners:

It all depends on you & your ability, whether you can re-assemble the LPG gas with the BBQ as before or not. Since failure in re-assembling them with BBQ can fall you into a big hazard. Thus, before doing anything, read your owner’s safety manual.

High-pressure cleaners:

This can cause more problems than any other. We know very well that grease is flying everywhere in your place which can cause so many problems. It can affect the gas flow and also the functionality of your BBQ.

Few final lines…

What do you think, after buying a gas BBQ, your work is done? Come out from your comfort zone dear, because there are many more factors that needs your full focus just like, maintaining them. I know, it takes more time & effort but through the above-mentioned ways you can clean & maintain them with less manpower. Hope, you liked it & will share it! Stay safe!…