When you cook on a gas grill, the flame is supposed to be distributed evenly over the whole grilling area. If this does not happen, it is an indication that your bbq grill needs a repair.

There are many parts of a gas grill that may need repair. Repairing your gas grill can be a really intimidating task. There are some companies that provide the service of grill repair, you can either take their help or do it on your own. Let us now take a look at different parts of a BBQ grill and what are the problems that they can have.

The Tank:

The propane tank cannot be overfilled since it has an OPD (Overfill Prevention Device). It is rare that the OPD will get damaged, but if it happens, the gas won’t come out properly.

Fuel House and Regulator:

The flow of propane straight out of the tank is much greater than what is needed for grilling. The regulator is used to control this flow into the grill. It is connected with the grill with the help of a flexible pipe. There is an O-ring that creates an air-tight seal between the hose and the regulator. There is a small hole in the center of a regulator. This is a vent hole and clogging of this hole causes the irregular supply of the gas. There can be leaks in the hose pipe or the O-ring. You can check if there is any leak in the supply, by applying a layer of soapy water on these parts. If there is a leak, replace the part.

Control Valves:

These are the valves that control the flow to each burner in the grill. You can remove a valve that is malfunctioning and inspect it. At the center of the valve is an orifice which controls the flow of the gas. This can be cleaned using a thin wire. Make sure to put the orifice back in place, the way it was. If you don’t, there can be huge leaks and you will risk an explosion.

Venturi Tubes:

These tubes connect the control valves to the burners and prepare a fuel-air mix that is needed for the flame to burn. The openings in these tubes can be obstructed because of insects and might need cleaning. Sometimes, there is an adjustable shutter provided in the bbq, you can adjust the grill to regulate the flow.


There are made from various materials. If the burner is corroded or is damaged, you will need to change it. You should go for the one that is of better material like brass or stainless steel.

These are basic parts of a BBQ grill that may need repair. It is important that these parts are maintained well and are cleaned from time to time.

It is important to repair the grill as soon as you notice any problem in the burning pattern since there can be a major leak in the grill which might be causing it to burn low.