The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimates that Americans will consume over 7 billion hot dogs this season between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Let that sink in a minute…7 BILLION hot dogs!

Knowing just how much we love our dogs that were hot, we wanted to pull together some of our recipes and tips that will assist you to grill the ultimate dog. One of Texas Grill Master shares his tips to protect against the sausage from splitting open and spilling out those precious juices.

Hot dogs and grilling

If American’s love their hot dogs, then they’re going to truly love these hot dogs wrapped in bacon with beer-infused barbecue sauce! You know what goes well with hot dogs? Tailgating! If you’re grilling dogs at your next tailgate, take action and get your bbq grill cleaned and ready

for the football season at Have you tried creating your own dogs? Have a look at this site about ways to grind, grill and stuff your own sausage!