Your key tool for cooking greatness? Fennel Pollen

In the past 10 years past pollen–yes, the yellowish dirt that falls from fennel – was mostly was seen in Croatia. Today it is a fairly fashionable ingredient, appearing on menus of high end eateries.

The current interpretation, is that pollen is a magic ingredient that will elevate your cooking–and grilling– from great to five star quality.

Pollen Ranch Spices creator David Rebb Firman, who has studied pollen uses, has became the primary ambassador of pollen in America.

Pollen Ranch Spices pollen is definitely clean, top quality and authentic, exceptional because it is selected at the peak of blooming; and it is incredibly flexible. Use it like a dry rub on meats before grilling, broiling, or cooking. Scatter it on seafood with a small amount of coconut oil. It can be also used instead of saffron to sass up an entree dish — as Shaw did, or include pollen into the recipe itself.

Along with pollen, combinations developed by famous Chef Bernard Guillas are offered by Pollen Ranch Spices. Three Chef Bernard Combinations are carried by Main industry: Hog Heaven – for pork and chicken; Little Devil – for Cajun or Creole meals; and Ocean – for seafood and fish. Carefully chosen ingredients–some only accessible by top chefs – that enhance the built-in flavors of the ingredients are featured by each combination. Additionally notable: Pollen Ranch Spices is the sole distributor of dill pollen. One sprinkling on a salmon filet, and you will drop your regular dill once and for all and your outdated dill weed.