With increased Americans lighting their grills than previously, it is vital that you keep in mind a enjoyable grill is a safe grill.

These grill safety guidelines were created to show you about the precautions necessary when grilling. Don’t forget, anytime you work with fire, there is a possibility that you will be burned. Thus, take these precautions to heart, preparation and common sense will prevent incident.

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Grills Should Be Used Outdoors Only

Bbq grills are made for outside use, solely. Never grill in your trailer, tent, house, garage, or some enclosed space because carbon monoxide may collect and kill you.

Use in a well-ventilated Area

Set up your grill in an open place that’s away from overhead, combustible surfaces, buildings, dry leaves, or brush. Make sure you avoid high traffic areas and constantly grill in a well-ventilated place. Be mindful of windblown sparks.

Keep the grill secure

When employing a BBQ grill, make certain that elements of the unit are firmly in place and the grill is secure (can not be tipped over).

Follow electrical Codes

  • Electric wires ought to be put out of the way of paths or anyplace people can trip over them.
  • Use long handled utensils.
  • Wear clothes that are safe.
  • Keep the fire in order.
  • To put out flare ups, either lift the grid the food is on, spread out the coals equally, or adjust the controls to reduce the temperature. If you need to douse the flames, try using a light spritz of water in the grill.

Be Prepared to extinguish fires

In the event you do not have a commercial extinguisher, a pail of sand or a garden hose should be close.

Consider using a splatter mat or a grill pad

These heat resistant pads are often made from plastic or lightweight, composite cement and can safeguard your deck or patio.

Avoid the hot grill

Do not permit anyone to play or be near the grill when in use or promptly following its use. The grill body stays extremely hot up to one hour after being used.

Do not transfer a hot grill

Never try to transfer a hot grill.