21 years back I was blessed with two beautiful kids….twins. I’ve consistently attempted to be the best role model for them as my Father has been to me. Father’s Day is one of the most famous grilling days of the entire year.

On Father’s Day I always grill steaks. This year I plan on grilling bone-in rib eyes on my Performer!!

I always set one of these cuts of steaks. That is really appreciated by my customers and constantly talk about it year after year. After all, what Dad does not love a perfectly seasoned and broiled steak??

Another popular meat items frequently purchased by my customers for Father’s Day is a brisket for smoking

When hosting a large bunch, these are amazing alternatives. Great old-fashioned burgers are another popular item. Our burgers are made of an 80% lean blend of brisket and chuck…really delicious!!

Adding to the Father’s Day list… homemade Italian sausage, brats, kabobs and chicken can also be excellent options. We make a number of kabobs including: marinated pork, sirloin, chicken, and lamb skewers are willing to throw on the grill.

Entire chickens are great for the rotisserie or beer can chicken.

So let us fire up and get out there with Dad and our Weber grills!!

Happy Father’s Day!!