As they can get much use on the weekends, I make an effort to give my grills the maximum amount of love during the week. When I am pushed for time, but nevertheless want… scratch that, need, to see mild smoke blowing from the ports on my grill, I grill short-rib tacos. These tacos make certain my grills get only the focus they require throughout a busy-work week and call for a preparation that is quick and straightforward.

I utilize ribs that are cut from the flank. Unlike conventional long-bone ribs, short ribs are are thin  slices across three sections of bones. They are packed full of flavor and meaty. Because of their thin size, they need just a couple of minutes to grill and they can be ideal to take on gravy, whenever you want.

To grill, the ribs take about 2 minutes a-side over direct-moderate high heat (450 F).

Remove from the grill. Cut the the meat from the bones, making certain to also get the beef between the bones.
I move back and forth between flour and corn tortillas. Regardless of which I choose, I grill a simple tortilla on the grate for a few moments or possibly cover a few in a metal foil packet and keep them warm over indirect heat. For the limes, I cut a slit in both quarters or halves and grill over direct warmth for around one minute, or until the skin has nice grill marks. There’s absolutely no better way to top off a taco than using a fresh squeeze of lime that has been grilled.

The taco toppings can be whatever you’ve got on hand. This can be a weeknight dinner, so it can be simple: Queso cheese, Pico de Gallo, clean guacamole, or creama with chipotle peppers.

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