Among the best things to do is a “multi-grill” meal. Preparing a multi-grill meal is much like conducting a symphony orchestra. You will have food on that grill, this grill, which grill, also you want it to all to come together at once. It is a great deal of pleasure, as well as a little pressure. Most really like it and here are some suggestions to make it work.

The best way to navigate a multi-grill meal is to plan my food menu backwards. When grilling a big meal the important thing is having distinct kinds of food done at once.

A lot of fuel!

Have a large supply of fuel available. Fuel is the very first thing to slip by when in the heat of the preparation. Stock up on your coals in the event you are organizing a huge weekend event and fill up those cylinders if running on liquid propane.

Account for the remainder!

BBQ, whether brisket, pulled chicken or pork, makes for excellent food that is entertaining, but these take much longer to cook. Make sure you keep this in mind when determining cooking times. While the brisket could be achieved in 8 hours, it wants another hour of rest for perfection.

Time it!

Whether it is kitchen timer or a smartphone, always have something monitoring cooking times. Nothing keeps your grilling precise like a timer around your neck, or in your back pocket.
A multi-grill meal can look to be an Olympic sport, but in reality, it is something you can undertake in our very own backyard and with the proper preparation, the whole symphony will be a success!