So, the age old debate about gas grills vs. charcoal grills rages on!

Let’s unpack the controversy a little bit and help you decide which one may be right for YOU.


Most everyone knows that the majority of charcoal grills sell for less than gas grills…
But are you really buying a grill because of the cost? All the people that I know that buy a grill, do it for one purpose – to have that nice, grilled flame flavor while cooking their favorite meats and veggies.

Also, most people would say that it’s always nice to have a rather “good looking” shiny meat-cooking appliance in their backyard for others to see. Of course cost is important, but we encourage folks to think about the real reason you are buying a grill and what you want the end result to be.


We could drag this one out forever and have every argument under the sun displayed here… But it really comes down to what YOU personally prefer. Some enjoy the smokiness of their meat cooked above glowing briskets of hot charcoal, while others prefer the nice clean flame-cooked taste that gas or propane grills provide.

Listen to this: There has been recent evidence to suggest that gas grills are actually LESS harmful to the environment and to your food. Whether that is completely accurate or not may be debatable, what may NOT be debatable is your personal preference in how you like your food prepared and how it tastes.

We recommend doing your own fact-finding and personal discovery on this one, to figure out which kind of grill would be best suited for your own personal tastes.


Yes, we are a vain society, and we even like our outdoor cooking appliances to “look the part”, right?!

There is something simple and refreshing about a good-ole charcoal grill and the fun of getting those charcoals fired up with fluid and flames… But there is also something eye-catching and impressive about a clean, shiny solid gas grill that sets the mood for outdoor fun and memories of great cookouts!

Whatever you decide “gas vs. charcoal” – Just make sure you keep it clean, sanitary, and ready to rock! If you need help with that, contact us here at Texas Grill Masters and we will come right out and take care of it for you, and leave you with that brand-new grill feeling and look: 817-946-8206