1. Awesome job

    April 13, 2018 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/testimonial/awesome-job/

    What an awesome job Rick did for me today! My Weber has had some issues that I hadn't been able to solve. Rick diagnosed the issues, fixed them, and now we have our grill back just in time for "grilling" season. Rick was so professional and arrived when he said he would. Thank you Texas Grill Masters for the excellent customer service.…Read More

  2. Rick ROCKS!

    April 13, 2018 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/testimonial/rick-rocks/

    Rick ROCKS! I set an appointment with the company a couple of weeks ago. We stayed in constant communication. Rick showed up exactly at the agreed upon time. He diagnosed the issue with our Weber grill and was able to solve the issue in a very short time. Thank you so much for the excellent service. We've got our grill back again just in time for grilling weather.…Read More

  3. Keep fireworks out of Grill

    July 2, 2016 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/bbq-grill/keep-fireworks-out-of-grill/

    Below are a few quick hints to ensure you are ready for the 4th that is safest actually by assessing just a couple of things before the guests arrive. Stand-up mobile and Petrol Models Check for leaks in your LP tank! A straightforward water solution placed on the link is all you want. Start the tank with the handle knobs away. TEND NOT TO USE THE GRILL if bubbles type! There exists a gasoline esc…Read More

  4. Weekend Nachos on the Grill

    October 29, 2015 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/bbq-grill/weekend-nachos-on-the-grill/

    So easy and oh-so great! You also may want to cook your own nach on the osgo all you need is a portable grill. Ideal for tailgating, nachos never get old… particularly when they are grilled. Use your vegetable bins as cooking and staging containers to assemble your nachos then stack a way, along with your preferred fixings and cheese… and get barbecuing! Take a look at the recipe below or clic…Read More

  5. Kettle Burgers

    October 27, 2015 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/bbq-grill/kettle-burger/

    At Weber Grill Eateries we developed an upscale version of the traditional hamburger, our “Farm” KettleBurger. It is so-called because it’s stacked with cherry wood-smoked goat-cheese that was fresh, bacon, and a ground lamb and hamburger patty, all put together into one amazing hamburger. We have scaled-down our house recipe so you can recreate  this burger, we featured in our restaurant e…Read More

  6. The Best Way to Smoke Lamb Shoulder

    October 16, 2015 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/bbq-grill-repair/the-best-way-to-smoke-shoulder/

    To get a incredible not-from-your-backyard barbecue that is out of this world, try smoking lamb in your smoker. You’ll discover the flavors of lamb develop quite nicely using some peppermint and mild smoke, also folks who said they did not actually enjoy lamb, were eating this preparation and loving it down to-the-last shred. A whole, bone-in lamb shoulder might be somewhat difficult to locate a…Read More

  7. Mediterranean Style Lamb Burgers

    September 2, 2015 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/bbq-grill/mediterranean-style-lamb-burgers/

    This grilling season, add lamb to your grilling menu using this mouthwatering lamb hamburger and think outside the BBQ box. Try our recipe for Mediterranean-Style Lamb Burgers, cooked and seasoned to-perfection in case you actually want to impress your guests and step up your hamburger sport. The very best part? They have more flavor, even though lamb burgers are just as easy to prepare as your ru…Read More

  8. BBQ Grilled Nachos this Weekend

    August 31, 2015 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/bbq-grill/bbq-grilled-nachos-this-weekend/

    So simple - and oh-so great! Wherever you go, you can show off your specialty of grilling your own nachos. Ideal for tailgates — nachos never get old — particularly when they are grilled. Utilize your veggies when cooking and serving your nachos then gather your favorite ingredients and cheese… and get barbecuing! Follow the recipe below or click on the video to view this recipe in action. N…Read More

  9. 20 Minute Steak Fajita Quesadillas

    August 21, 2015 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/bbq-recipes/steak-fajita-quesadillas-20-minutes/

    Steak fajita quesadillas are a fast, easy way to utilize leftovers to produce an additional and equally delicious weeknight dinner. Any time I make steak fajitas I grill double the amount of meat and veggies and set some apart for for supper later in the week. I use my Weber griddle to reheat the beef and veggie filling then put it into a spinach tortilla, top it with lots of cheddar cheese, fold …Read More

  10. Life is best Grilling Oysters

    August 7, 2015 | https://www.texasgrillmaster.com/bbq-recipes/life-is-best-grilling-oysters/

    All of us have these vivid recollections of family gatherings that include customs around food. Among my favorites includes my late grandma “Edie”; at any family get together she came with raw oysters as well as a sleeve of saltine crackers. Each household member anticipated their turn to get one, including the great grandchildren. On the day of her funeral, all of us observed her life having …Read More